Sunday, November 30

Temples of Worship Tour

Everyday in Kenya 473 children under the age of five die. Most (90%) die from preventable diseases - malaria, HIV/AIDS, malnutition. And 180,000 children are infected and living with HIV/AIDS. The Temples of Worship want to do something to change these statistics. They want to use what God has gifted them with - their music. Starting December 12, 2008 they are embarking on a five city, eight venues tour - What If? Supported by other Partners for Care staff - Sam, Moses, Njokie, our newest staff member Pastor Maurice Omondi and our Partners Nick and Charles these concerts will call the next generation to be HIV-free. They will ask the question What If? there was no AIDS, no orphaned children, no street children, no babies born infected with HIV/AIDS. What If? every child slelpt under a bed-net? Drank clean water? Had enough to eat? Honorable Mwangi Makami, former Youth President of Kenya and Dr. PLO Lumunba will speak calling the youth to avoid getting infected themselves. Testing will be offered at each site in cooperation with the National AiDS and STD Minisitry (NASCOP). and other AiDS organizations. And because the concerts are also a call for the youth to accept Christ and follow His principles Bishop David will preach and ask the youth who are not believers to accept Christ.
See attached posters being used in Limuru, Eldoret, Siaya (near Kisumu). Nairobi (Mathare) and three venues in Mombasa.
This is a large undertaking as they want to reach many youth with the message of saving children, being HIV-free and living for Christ. The team would appreciate your prayer support. Pray that those who come to hear the music will hear the call to wipe out HIV/AIDS - to do their part - test and know their status and keep HIV-free by following God's principles. Pray for each team member as they continue to plan these concerts, mobilize the communities, practice their music and prepare themselves spiritually to win souls for the kingdom. Pray for the team as they travel together on a bus for 10 days throughout the Kenya - for travel mercies and safety.
Everyone in Kenya has the feeling "yes they can" and it is with this spirit the Partners for Care staff are planning these What If? concerts. I will travel to kenya December 9 to travel with them on this tour.
Bless you for your support of what God is doing in Kenya,
Connie .

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Monday, November 17


I wanted to let you know that the updates from this last trip came from Dan Kellenberger as I lost my Blackberry while in Kenya this time. Some of you have told me his email went to scam. Remember you can see all the updates and pictures on Thank you for all your prayers and support. I missed reading many of your encouraging emails when I was without my Blackberry! I now have a new Blackberry but have lost recent phone numbers. I hope not to ever lose my Blackberry again! Blessings, Connie
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Friday, November 14


The Partners for Care team are all eager to learn and grow in many ways. Many have started reading books and enjoy reading books about great leaders, Christian leadership and other good books. If you have some books you could send them I will be happy to carry them when I go next time. Also any good CDs, videos and even old tapes (one of them still uses a cassette tape player) They share them with each other when they finish reading them. Also there can never be enough bibles taken. I If you have extra bibles not being used I will take them to Kenya. wish we could give every pastor in Kenya the John Maxwell Leadership Bible. If you want to purchase one for a pastor for Christmas let me know. It is an awesome bible and every leader should have one. We ask John Maxwell's company if the made one in swahilli and they do not. I wish they did. Christian DVDs are also needed. I watch them show DVDs at night and translate them. David Gruber sent End of the Spear and they loved it. They love anything from Louie Giglio. Especially the Passion DVDs. I need more of those - they love the Nashville one. If anyone has a video camera they would like to sell please let me know. The team wants to be able to video tape performances so they can evaluate themselves for improvement. Partners for Care works to enable, equip, and encourage Kenyans to help each other. Good Christian material helps.
Thanks for any help you can give, Connie

Temples of Worship CD Release

Temples of Worship releases their new CD
The GOA/Partners for Care worship team - Temples of Worship has released its new CD. All of the songs were written by the team members and some are in swahilli and some in English. The album includes Justus' song Remember Me When You Come. I have bought 200 copies home with me. They would be great Christmas presents for anyone who knows the team and for your Kenyan friends. They are $15.00 each and all the proceeds go to support the ministry work of the team. Just email or call me and I can get them to you. The producer told us it believes it is the best album he has ever produced. He is releasing it to the radio stations in Kenya this week. If you can help the team sell the CDs let me know or if you have any ideas on how we can market it.
Thank you for your help!

Last update from Kenya

God is blessing the team in Kenya
It was a great blessing to be in Kenya these last few weeks. No matter your political position it was fun to watch the Kenyans celebrate as a son of a Kenyan was elected President of the United States. There were many goats and bulls slaughtered in celebration the next day. We had been to the village right next to where Obama's grandmother lives when when went to see George's family. It is a very poor area of Kenya with no electricity or paved roads. It is also the hardest hit by HIV with a 15.3% infected rate. Many, many deaths from malaria. As most of you probably know President Kibabi declared Thursday of that week a National Holiday to celebrate. Everywhere Kenyans were saying "yes we can". He and American has inspired the people of Kenya to aspire to greatness. Dr. Patrick Lumumba who people call the most eloquent speaker in Kenya said at our press conference - Kenya has been great in theory for a long time let us make Kenya great in practice.
The Partners for Care worship team - Temples of Worship Reach-A-Million initiative has used sports as a way to reach people with the message of HIV/AIDS prevention. To date they have reached over 100,000 with almost 1500 people accepting Christ . They have now decided they want to try to use music, worship, etc. to reach the youth. I had shown them several of Louie's Passion DVDs and they want to do something similar in Kenya. We have organized for a five city tour in December playing at 8 sites. The concert theme is "What If? David Gruber got donated "What If?" hats from the artist Nicole who wrote the song "What If?" Kathy his wife had bought David one of the hats at a women's Christian conference. He wore it to Beat the Drum and we have pictures of the children wearing the hat. The concerts will be dedicated to the 463 children who die everyday in Kenya from mostly preventable diseases - malaria, HIV/AIDS and sadly malnutrition. God has blessed this initiative as the Bishop will speak as well as the former youth President of Kenya who is very well known and Dr. Patrick Lumumba will speak. We have good relations now with the the Christian TV and Citizen TV who will cover the events. They will hold the concerts in Lumuru, Eldoret, Kissmu, Nairobi (Mathare) and Mombasa (three locations). The venue in Mathare will be Redeemed Gospel Church right in Mathare which is one of the larger churches in Kenya seating 5,000. Pastor Karanja preached here when he came. The Temples of Worship team are from all parts of Kenya - so they wanted to go to their homes to spread the message of hope and health through prevention and the message of salvation. The new Director of Youth for the National Aids Control Council who I met with this time will attend some of the concerts and do public tests of some of the worship team and speakers in encouraging the youth to test. We will also have the major organizations on site providing testing. Two of the events will be all night with the others four hours. The team has been given an incredible gift from someone Deb Zinn knows of 8,400 salvation bibles. The team has set of a goal of converting 8,400 people and giving each one a salvation bible. This goal will take time but it is a worthy goal. The theme What If? will ask the youth What If? they could be a HIV-free generation, what if they could eliminate the diseases that costs millions of dollars to treat and take so many lives of children and adults leaving 2.1 million orphans in Kenya. And of course the attendees will be asked What If? they believed - Yes We Can? Please pray for these events and for the people God is calling to know Him and to worship Him. This is a major undertaking and most of the Partners for Care staff are involved to make it happen.
The enemy was certainly was challenging the team this trip. To impact on someone the enemy knows to attack their family. This trip several of the team had a family illness or death. George found out his father, second mom and last born is infected with HIV. Njokie's sister had a depression episode and was hospitalized. Franko's aunt died. Justus' mother went back to drinking leaving his 14 year old sister head of household (I hate the disease of alcoholism). Through all this team supports each other sharing what resources they have sending funds back to their families.
We have added a pastor to Partners for Care. Pastor Ombundi from the Nairobi church has joined the team. And we need a pastor. He not only pastors the team but is helping in Mathare with Community Transformers and will help to reopen the project in Kiambiu slum. He will supervise Paul (nurse) and Moses (social worker). He will help Moses with setting up the Partners for Care public health training that will be given to all the GOA churches and at every GOA training. This has been a goal of Partners for Care and it is good to have someone who will help with this project. He is also responsible for connecting the What If? concerts with the GOA local churches and ensuring all those who answer the call to be saved are connected to a church to help discipline them.
The team worked hard these last few weeks. We have implemented planning, meetings, follow-up, evaluations, quality improvement, and personal development. They are eager to learn and could see how much more they can accomplish when goals are set, daily work plans made, meetings are held for accountability and encouragement and they are all using yellow pads now with lists of things to do! I came home with none of my yellow pads and will take many for them when I go back. They do less now spontaneously and challenge each other with "what are your plans for tomorrow?' They have implemented many systems from list of equipment to take when they go to perform to tracking systems for the sell of their new CD. I watched as they conducted a strategy meeting on how to market their CD. They now ask the questions what needs to be done?, who is going to do it? and when will it be done? They are growing as leaders both leading themselves and others. It is a privilege to see them take the leadership role.
Please pray for them as they grow. The more they do for the kingdom the more the enemy will attack.
Thank you all for your support and prayers while I was in Kenya this trip.

Monday, November 10

10th update

Team participates in press conference
Last night we participated in a press conference with our friend Hon. Mwangi Mukami. He called a press conference to discuss what it really means to Kenyans that the son of a Kenyan has been elected President of the United States. Using the foundation of the words of Martin Luther King Mwangi called the youth to do what God called them to do. Work hard, study and live with honor and integrety. Many well known people were there. There were TV and newspaper reporters and we are setting up follow up meetings with some of them to discuss how they can help create an HIV-free generation. The team enjoyed seeing themselves on the TV. Mwangi announced his involvement with Partners for Care. We are blessed to have such a leader working with us.
Blessings, Connie

Thursday, November 6

9th Update

Issac goes to school
Today we took Issac to school at Merciful Redemeer. It was not the same boy we met just two weeks ago. Then he was drinking and spending his days gambling. After he got saved he told us he just wanted to go to school. He had never gone to school. He cannot even spell or recognise his name. He came from Eldoret on a mutatu on Friday. He has been with us since then. He worshiped with us on Sunday. Pastor Omondi of the Nairobi GOA church is his spiritual father having helped bring him to the Lord. Issac saw him on Sunday
And he went with us to take him to Merciful Redemer. There is a nice relationship between the two. Both of Issac's parents have died so Pastor Omondi plays an important role in Issac's life.

George, Pastor Omondi and Isaac at Merciful Redeemer

Thanking God for the miracle of transformation, Connie

Tuesday, November 4

7th update

Story of conversion of Oscar
Today the Bishop shared the story of Oscar. In the disco Isaac came to the Bishop to talk. With alcohol on his breath he got close to the Bishops face. Moses took a photo.
The Bishop leading Oscar to Christ

In the darkness of the disco Oscar saw the flash of light and grabbed the Bishop and asked "has God come?". The Bishop told him God was there. Oscar said then I want to get saved. With beer bottle in hand the Bishop took him outside to pray for him. The Bishop invited him to meet him at the GOA church the next day. Oscar showed up. He is a talented young man who God can use to lead worship in the church.
Witnessing the winning of so many souls for the kingdom, Connie

8th update

Partners for Care ministers to its own
Soon after I arrived George one of our worship leaders came to speak with me. He said his sister had just informed him that his father was infected with HIV. George was concerned about his Dads second wife and a small child from that marriage. While Georges Dad is a believer he has two wives.
George with his family
The team with George's family

A common practice in his village. As Georges family was two hours from our last mission stop we made the decision to go visit and help George and his family. The team was excited as we boarded our bus at 5:30 am to leave Bugoma for Georges family. We travelled down very rural roads until George said to stop. We were at his familys burma. What we would call a small farm. There were 4 small mud houses - one for the first wive, one for the second wive and each wive has a kitchen although the cooking is done outside over open flame.
The welcome was so special. Many came from all the village to see George. Introductions took 2 hours. We could see how the people in the village love George. George waisted no time in assessing the health status of his family. It is not easy to determine a persons status because of fear, stigma, and denial. George found his father, the second wive and sadly the small last born infected. George told me he with sadness in his heart that he thought AiDS was far from his life, far from his family and now he knows it is so close.
The family prepared a feast for us. Some of the best food I have eaten in kenya. All preoared over open fire outside. Amazing.
Under the tree the worship team set up their equipment and led worship. A local preacher preached a powerful message and two accepted Christ and many knelt to be prayed for. A revival right at Georges
Later we brought the family together to give them bednets and teach about malaria, water borne illnesses, and HIV prevention.
It was time to leave for the long drive back to Nairobi. We were leaving George so he could help his family. It was hard to leave. Even in this short visit we had developed a closeness to Georges family.
Praying for George and his family, Connie
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6th update

More from Eldoret
I shared with you about the A-Step program that did the on the ground organizing of the tournament. I would like to share some of the story of their leader and founder - Tim. Ti m was once a street boy in Nairobi. His mother was hurt in a matatu accident and Tim got seperated from her for several years. He struggled to eat and to go to school. As with many Kenyan boys sports saved his life. He played for mathare association and was good. Winning best player in a tournament he was given a cash award. Mature people in his life told him to use the money to buy a piece of land. By then he had been reunited with his mother. He bought a piece of land in Eldoret where he eventually moved with his mother. He has struggled over the years as work was hard to find. He was desperate one day and he looked up to see a church. He decided to attend on Sunday. There he heard the pastor say he takes vision, faith and work to accomplish your dreams and aspirations. He left the church committed to make a diference for God. Today he is a very influence leader of thousands of youth in Eldoret through A-Step. They struggle with funding but are committed to work and they have faith God will substain them.
Tim shared with us that his mother is infected - he believes from blood contamination during the accident. He told me she was very sick. I asked if he wanted me to visit her. Late that night the local pastor drove us in the rain to a very humble home to see his mom. Tim had built two homes on the piece of land he bought with his money from winning best player. He lives in one house with his wife and two small children and his mother lives in the other house. His mother was very ill barely able to sit up. The pastors prayed for her. I assessed her the best I could as I checked her breathing and the pressure sore she had on her back. I advised Tim she needed to go to the hospital as I suspected she had pnemonia. As we sat with her Tim told me he comes home  every night to his sick mom  and that is what motivates him  to fight the disease that is killing his mother. The next day Tim took his mother to the hospital. She is now being treated for the pnemonia.
Tim is an an amazing servant of God.
Grateful to know a humble servant of God, Connie

5th update

Forwarding for Connie....
Going deep in a pub in Bugoma
The hotel the team is staying in has a very large pub and disco.  The first night of the mission we were unable to show the film due to the rain. We were all sitting around drinking tea with many who were drinking beer and many already drunk. We realized we were in a mission field. We asked the management if we could show the film in the disco. She refused. Hanniel would not accept that answer and asked me if I could try to use my white skin to influence her. So Hanniel and I approached her to ask again. She continued to say no even though by that time we were just asking if the worship team could sing one song. When she saw we were not accepting her no she said she would take us to her boss and he would tell us no. I entered a darkened room to meet the owner. To the managers suprise he said let them sing one song. When I went back to tell the Bishop he asked me if he could preach 10 minutes. I told him that was pushing it but as it turns out God used George to preach with music. In a disco where the entrance fee was two beers George just let the holy spirit give him the words  He sang:
It is true Jesus lives. It is real Father lives
We proclaim that He lives
We've seen the work of His hands.
Those who are heartbroken for the situations that they undergo through
He  is much able to save them and restore them.
Gods love is so amazing
His mercies are new everyday Gods  saving power is present
Come to Him and He'll save you When the worship team finished 7 came to the pastors asking to be saved. So with the beer bottles on the table the pastors met with and led seven more souls to Christ. The mission field is wherever God places you.
Blessed to witness so many led to Christ, Connie

Monday, November 3

Fw: 4th update

The harvest is plenty.

Jesus called us to be fishers of men. He said the harvest is plenty and the workers are few. This trip to Eldoret and Bugoma the harvest is indeed plenty. Hundred have been saved. From the football field to open air to the door to door outreach people have eagerly said yes to Jesus. And we have given the message of HIV everywhere we have gone. People want to test - to know their status. And as always AIDS is everywhere. We visited a grandmother who has lost two daughters. She is caring for the 5 childen left orphaned. One of the childen is infected and they are waiting to find the status of the baby. The child appears sick and looks infected. There was no food in the house and they need medication. We bought the medication and food for them. As we were leaving the house Njokie said. "I hate AIDS". She is committed to fight this disease that orhans children and leaves babies sick.

Njokie leading a woman to Christ on the field

Spreading the message of hope through salvation and prevention.

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Fw: 3rd update


I told you about Isaac in another update. He is the young man from Turksna living in Eldoret. He never had the opportunity to attend school. He was drinking when we met him and just gambles during the day.
         Isaac giving his life to Christ

The last day of the mission he was on the stage leading the children and others in worship. As the team watched Isaac on the stage we knew that only God could transform a young man the way this young man has been transformed. The day before we took Isaac to test for HIV. Praise God he was negative. Isaac wants to go to school. He wants to leave this area because of the negative influence of the people he has been spending time with It is difficult in Kenya for a 20 year old to get an education when they have missed all of their schooling. Pray with us that we can help this young man so he can be discipled to grow in his faith and fulfill his dream of education. Blessed to be in the mission field,

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Connie Cheren's Updates

I'm sorry that I haven't been in communication over the last week and a half but I lost my blackberry up in the mission field in Eldoret and I am just now able to send updates. You will be getting the updates from Sam Wachira, Partners for Care Communications person.

Blessings Connie.