Monday, October 31

Partners for Care 3rd Annual Run

Please read and then send this message to anyone you think would want to join us this Saturday as we run for the children of Kenya! The Kenya staff of Partners for Care have also organized a run at the same time as us...we will connect to them by phone. This is Partners for Care major fund raising event so we hope you come to support the team on the ground in Kenya. If you live out of state and are receiving this message you can sponsor a runner in Kenya. We will see the Kenyan team gets the financial support. And, you can pray for us as we work as a team here to help the Kenyan Partners for Care staff transform their Nation - one life at a time. Hope to see you on run day, Connie

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Our Third Annual 5K Run 
"what if?" 5K Run - Saturday, November 5 - 8:00am
Monday, 31 October 2011
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Click below to learn more about and register for this 5K Run, to benefit the life saving work of Partners for Care in Kenya. Every day, 473 children die in Kenya due to preventable diseases. Partners for Care asks the question - "what if?" - wondering how different Kenya and other developing nations would be if billions currently being spent each year battling preventable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc - were able instead to be invested in schools, businesses and infrastructure. Every day, our Kenyan staff work with a goal of realizing how their nation could be changed by answering the call to this simple question.  
The image at right will be printed on the front of a black, technical long sleeve race shirt being provided to each registered participant. Register today to assure your place.
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Thank you from Partners for Care
You are receiving this email since you have previously supported Partners for Care. Thank you for your prior support. Please share this email with family and friends who may be interested in participating in our Third 5K Run. We hope to see you at the race this weekend.
The photo at left illustrates the type of Kenyan artwork which will be awarded to race winners in each age group. To learn more about what Partners for Care is up to, click below. 
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All our team in Kenya are fine...but they do ask for your prayers

I know most of you have probably heard there were two "bombings" in Kenya today. The Kenya officials have not indicated who is responsible but it is suspected it was done in retaliation to Kenya sending troops into Somalia. Sam was downtown near the area of the second "bombing" and was shaken but is fine. They just ask for us to pray for an end to any retaliation in Kenya.
Praying for the people of Kenya,
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Wednesday, October 19


Today is a milestone for Partners for Care and for four young people in Kenya. This is the day Simon, Silvia, Gobet and Ann sit for their national exams to receive their high school degrees. In Kenya, while primary school is free, there is a costs for high school. For many, especially those who grow up in the slums, the cost is too much for parents to pay so many kids have to drop out of school.

Last year Partners for Care hired Sam who had started a program called 2nd Chance. This program helps those who had to drop out of school prepare to take the national exams. Through daily classes and individual tutoring he prepares them for the exams which if they pass gives them a high school degree. Simon, Silvia, Gobet and Ann have been in 2nd Chance this year and under the guidance of Sam are prepared to take their exams today. Pray for them to pass - a huge milestone in their lives.

This is just one of the many ways the Kenya Partners for Care staff are helping to transform their village, their Nation - one live at a time.

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Tuesday, October 4

Partners for Care Newsletter - October 2011

Hi Everyone,

Below is the Partners for Care newsletter highlighting our friends, the Peace Passers organization.  Peace Passers is a non-profit headed up by Candace Cooper-Murray, a nurse and Community Development /Health Administration professional in Charlotte, NC.  

Peace Passers' mission is to use a collaborative approach to collect and distribute soccer supplies to people and communities throughout the world. Peace Passers supports team development and the funding of sustainable sports league play to empower youth & maximize hope for all participants locally and globally.

Through a friend of Bridgette Boylan's, Partners for Care recently connected with Peace Passers to receive donated soccer equipment and gear for the children of Kenya.  Within a few days of making the request, several large containers arrived at Connie's home filled to the brim with practically new soccer balls, shoes, jerseys, shorts, and shinguards in all sorts of sizes and colors!  Connie took the shipment with her on her most recent trip to Kenya.  It's an understatement to say that the children were delighted to open it all up and couldn't wait to play soccer with their new things!


To download the newsletter, click on the link below:

Download Newsletter Here