Monday, July 30

Launch day

Launch day was exciting as we watched donations come donors, regular donors, donors from Alaska to Florida and states in between.  One very special young man donated $473.00 - a dollar for every child that died in Kenya on the day of launch.   We will continue to recruit donors because raising funds to help children who need to be saved isn't about a one day launch.  It isn't a sprint but a marathon and we are in it for the long haul.  

Some of the money raised has already been sent to Kenya to buy medications for our clinic, some will be used to harvest our first crop from our Hope Farm and money will be used to help Pastor Hirbo's ministry in Kenya as he treats hundreds of children for jiggers.  

Thank you to those who donated and to those who recruited donors.  We appreciate your help as we continue to raise funds to support the work of the team in Kenya.

Remembering the children,


Friday, July 27

It isn't too late to help us meet our goal of 473 donors.....

It has been a great launch day. We have had donors from Alaska, Oregon, Alabama, and of course from our friends in Michigan. We have had some of our regular donors donate, new donors, and one very special donor who decided to give $473.00 - one dollar for every child that died in Kenya today from preventable causes. People have donated in honor of loved ones and others have donated in recognition of someone they admire. Each of these people received an email card telling them of the donation.

It isn't too late to donate or to ask others to donate to help us meet the goal of 473 donors on our launch day. I hope many of you have had an opportunity to visit the website. So many helped make the website a reality...Ryan Morris, Dan Kellenberger, Sharon Dicks, David Gruber and all the other board members who helped.

I like what Linda (PFC board member) said today...what we do here matters there.

Thank you all for caring for those so far away....but who are always close in our hearts.

Praying to meet our goal of 473 donors today...


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Here is the link....

Several of you have contacted me and asked for the link to the new website. It is:

Thanks for helping make our launch a day we will remember as the day we raised funds to help the team in Kenya!

Praying for 473 donors...Connie

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Today is the launch of the new Partners for Care website

Today is launch day for the new Partners for Care website. And, today is the day we hope to have 473 people go to the website and donate to help save the lives of the children in Kenya. All the funds raised will be sent to the team in Kenya - the team you will see on the website. What do they do with the funds? They buy bednets for the children; they will buy medications they need for the Partners for Care health clinic; they buy sacks and seedings for sack gardens; they will use the funds to harvest the crop from the PFC Hope Farm that is ready; they use the funds to help the children of Parkishon. Everything they do is focused on helping prevent the deaths of the 473 children that die everyday in Kenya.

Thank you for helping the team in Kenya. 

One of the Parkishon children PFC helps
Praying for the team in Kenya as they work to reach the children,


Follow the medical student team in Kenya

Partners for Care is blessed to have a team of medical students from the University of Tennessee Medical School in Memphis work with us in Kenya on the mHealth program.

Their overall goal is to evaluate the implementation of the mHealth program, make recommendations for improvement and write protocals and procedures for both the mHealth program and the clinic. They are working closely with the Global HEED team.

They have created a blog and if you want you can follow along with them as they help the Kenyan team.

Wonderful to have them "on the ground" helping with improving the way the PFC team serves the people of Kenya,

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Thursday, July 26

Launch heroes

Many of you are responding to our request to get spread the word through email, regular mail and social media about our new website launch this Friday. With only 4 days left I wanted to thank those that we are calling our "launch heroes". These are people who are helping us make our launch date goal of having 473 people visit the website and make a decision to help by donating. Launch heroes include.....all our board members (our board always supports PFC activities!) and Cris Willis, Rennatus, Sharon Dicks, Dan Kellenberger and others. Thanks so much for helping!

Just last week one of our staff in Kenya lost his only child to pneumonia. A precious little boy who was just 8 years old. Like I have said before - sometimes we know one of the children who die from a preventable or a treatable disease. It becomes personal to us and to the staff in Kenya. We want to help the team in Kenya to stop so many deaths of children to diseases that can be prevented or treated.

Help us help them....


Thursday, July 19

We are asking for your help......

We are asking for your help on the day of the launch of our new website - July 27, 2012.  Please spread the word of our launch campaign by sending the attached campaign card to others through email, Facebook, and other social media.  Our goal for launch day is to have 473 people visit our new website and donate!  

Why 473?  

That is how many children die everyday in Kenya - they die from things that can be prevented.  They die from malaria for the lack of a bed net.  A bed net cost $5.00.  They die from malnutrition.  A sack garden that grows vegetables for a child costs $10.00.  They die from pneumonia that isn't treated.  Treatment in the Partners for Care clinic costs 50 cents.  They die from HIV/AIDS.  The Partners for Care team reaches thousands with the message of how to prevent babies from being born infected.  All of the funds we raise that day will go to Kenya so the Partners for Care team can do what they do best - prevent children from dying.  The question is what if? 473 children didn't die everyday in Kenya.  

You can help be part of the answer.  Just 12 days to spread the we are asking for your help.

Wednesday, July 4

A patriotic fund-raiser

David Gruber, co-founder of Partners for Care and a board member, has always been creative in the ways he raises funds to support Kathi's House of Restoration. Kathi's House, our ministry in Maai Mahui, is in memory of David's late wife who had a dream to serve in Africa. David now keeps her dream alive by supporting the ministry of Pastor John and his wife Mary who direct PFC's ministries in Maai Mahui.

David connected us with InComm, who has been one of our best corporate sponsors. This 4th of July David and InComm have donated $2,300.00. One of the ways some of the funds were raised was by raffling a 4th of July basket. Donna Baugh was happy to win the basket!

Donna Baugh
Thank you David and InComm,


Tuesday, July 3

Lauching new website

In the next week you will be hearing more about the launch of our new website! Our launch date is July 20th. Everyday in Kenya 473 children die mostly from preventable diseases. We are planning a launch campaign to raise awareness and funding for the team in Kenya who work diligently to help save the lives of these children. More later...

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