Sunday, April 22

Temples of Worship's tribute to Susan

When we heard of the a sudden death of our dear mum, Susan, we asked ourselves why God? The person who gave everything not for herself but for people who live many miles away from her. She gave not only her  money but her precious time. A person who loved what we do. She loved our music which she use to listen to when she was driving. The person who wanted us to come to the US to sing our music which we are using to fight HIV. Now who will do what she wanted to do?

We have so many questions we are asking ourselves. The only hope and assurance we have is that after work people go home to relax. She was called home to go and relax after everything she did on the face of the earth. Even though we are very far from her family we serve one father who knows our heart and we can reach each other through Him our God. So we want to tell the family we understand how you are feeling and the Lord who sees everywhere will give you peace.  One day we will come to the US and sing our song "Remember Me" where we will be remembering everything she did when she was alive.

The Temples of Worship
Sammy, George, Franko, David and Justus

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Even through Susan's death...

Even through her death, Susan is working to raise funds for those she loved in Kenya. In lieu of flowers her family has asked donations be sent to Partners for Care Her visitation is Saturday night 5-8 pm at Ingram's funeral home in Cumming. I will go to represent those she loved in Kenya.

Missing a good friend,

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Friday, April 20

Partners for Care has lost a friend

Partners for Care has lost a dear friend and a board member. Susan Spencer died this afternoon leaving many here and 10,000 miles away saddened. Susan loved the people of Kenya especially the young men in the Temples of Worship. She played their music over and over and dreamed of the day she would return to Kenya to see them again. She also hoped someday they would come to the US and sing in churches here. When that day comes they will dedicate a song to Susan. It is hard to lose a friend...I will personally miss our visits and our talks on the phone as I shared with her how "her boys' as she called them were doing.

We pray for her family at this difficult time....Connie

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Friday, April 13

They came to serve

They came to serve with the Kenyan PFC staff. Side by side the two teams served together in Marsabit, Marurui and Mathare slum. The Michigan team members were Dr. and Pat Wendt and their children Jenny and Caleb, Dr. and Kim Wills, Dawn, Gary and Teresa, Sue and her son Cal, Amanda, Jen Garborg, Julie and Linda, a PFC board member.

Together with the PFC staff the following was accomplished:
  • Dental care for all the PFC staff and 3 of their family members
  • Dental care for 58 people in Marsabit
  • Nets distributed, community health taught and hypertension and diabetic screening for 111 persons at our medical clinic
  • Dr. Craig and Julie, RN, saw patients at the clinic in consultation with Dr. Vincent
  • Marriage mentoring for 43 people in Marsabit and Nairobi
  • Sponsored a soccer tournament in Marurui
  • Served 950 people in Marsabit in 3 medical camps
  • Checked all the computers in the IT school and repaired three of them
  • Developed a food security plan for Kathi's House
  • Visited 3 clients at Community Transformers and took each one food
  • Taught school and held a end-of-the term celebration for 2 days at Tree House Children's Home

The Michigan team also equipped the ministries of PFC with the following:
  • i-Dent dental chair to be used to provide dental care to those in the tribal areas
  • i-See eyeglass program
  • 200 bed nets
  • An oral devise for Bible stories in the Rendile language
  • A guitar and a banjo
  • Watches and thermometers for the mHealth program
  • A kitchen knife
  • School supplies for 2nd Chance School
  • 50 leadership books for the PFC staff
  • 100 pair of shoes
  • Soccer equipment - 46 soccer shoes, 19 cones, 72 bibs, 43 balls, 14 sports socks, 92 jerseys, 18 shorts and 1 volleyball
  • Many people were served and many more will be served with the equipping of the PFC team.

We are grateful for the Michigan team - the friends who returned and the new friends we have met!

The Michigan team with the Partners for Care Kenya team

A very special thank you to Melinda who prepared the team spiritually to come and covered them with prayer while they were serving.

Blessed to have served together,

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Thanks David

David, thanks for letting us use your lens when we went to Marsabit. We know how important your camera equipment is to you! We wanted to share with you some of the photos Sam took...

Mom and Sam
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Wednesday, April 4

The children of Parkishon

When some of the team members of this team who is with us from Michigan came last time they did a medical camp at Parkishon. They felt the children there were among the sickest children they had ever seen. The children had fungus, upper respiratory infections, jiggers on their hands and feet and were malnourished.

The children in August

In August we started funding Pastor Hirbo to go to Parkishon once a week to treat the jiggers. He has treated 350 of the children for jiggers. He has worked with the moms teaching them how to prevent the jigger infestation and other community diseases.

Yesterday the team who had been there before were amazed at how much better the children were. We found only a few children infected with jiggers. And, it was wonderful to see the children in their Crocs that Cris Willis had bought for them! They prevent the jiggers...and they hold up even in the Marsabit harsh conditions!

The children today

Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged...but seeing the children of Parkishon so much better was encouraging.

From Marsabit,

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A little about where we are - Marsabit

Marsabit is in the far Northeastern part of Kenya. It is considered arid land. Here are some facts about where we are serving:

Population - 291,166 in the area
Marsabit town population - 60,000
Density per km - 4
Poverty rate - 91.7%
Number with secondary education - 8.9%
Population with electricity - 7.5%
Paved roads - 0%

Marsabit roads

Immunized - 60%
Children born in a health care facility - 17.9%
Can read and write - 26.2%
Annual rainfall - 0%

Marsabit land

The statistics speak for themselves but it doesn't really tell the whole story of what we see and feel when we are here. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you see the poverty, the lack of water, the hard life of so many here. Women walk for MILES for water and firewood. But, Pastor Hirbo is making a difference here - one child, one school, one village at a time.

From Marsabit,

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Leaving Marsabit

It is late Sunday night in Marsabit town. We are preparing to leave at 5 am in the morning to head south through the desert to return to Nairobi. Many on this trip will be forever changed. They have seen things they didn't know existed. Many have had their hearts broken at seeing what abject poverty looks like and the effect it has on children. Most children here are very small in stature but big eyes and smiles.

Praying together
The team has had an impact here in Marsabit. Here are the numbers:

Seen in medical camps - 950

Dr. Vincent and Dr. Craig seeing a patient
Charles and Linda taking blood pressures

Peter helping an elderly
Treated by the dentist - 58 (4 cavities were filled and 75 teeth extracted)

Dr. Wills working on a patient

Said yes to Jesus - 19

Jen praying for people
Signed a commitment card to do their part to fight HIV/AIDS - over 500

A pastor signing a commitment card
Many hours spent playing soccer!

Soccer with the boys

The team did great! Everyone worked hard with no complaining even though it was hot and the days were long.


Blessed by the team from Michigan,

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