Monday, March 29

2nd Update from Bridgette - Exciting News in Kenya

For those who have been in Kenya with us and have met our van you will especially enjoy this update from Bridgette! We have been blessed, Connie

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As I write today, I continue to be moved by all I see...some positive, some negative and some things just incredibly sad. We went to the outdoor food market yesterday to get groceries - what an experience to be surrounded by hundreds of Kenyans selling their fruits and vegetables. The stench of rotting food compounded by hundreds of street kids high on their "glue" definitely put me out of my comfort zone. Babies cried when they saw me because of my skin color and small ones ran up to pinch my skin and run! It was an eye opening experience!
When I last wrote, I told of a big surprise yet to come. Last night, we had arranged to travel all night by bus to Mombasa in order to purchase a new van for the Partners For Care Kenyan teams. Keep in mind that in the 3 short days here, the only means of transport we have has broken down 3 times already. Just envision us standing in the pouring rain keen deep in mud trying to push this van out of the road -the village road which we were causing to be impassable due to our situation!!! Get the picture?  On the way to catch the bus to Mombasa that same van gets a flat tire!  The icing on the cake. But, there is a silver lining at the end of this story - and your generosity is the pot of gold at the end of a very long journey. We arrived early at the port in Mombasa this morning and because of YOU Partners for Care will get a new refurbished 2004 van. I cannot put into words the humble, overwhelming gratitude that has been show by the team as a result of this. You have now enabled this incredible team to effectively do their work here - spreading the gospel and the message of hope for an HIV-free generation, to transporting the orphans in the slum to school, doctors and orphans. Because of you they now have renewed hope to accomplish their mission.
As a " missionary" coming here, I am constantly reminded that my role in all of this is to simply empower, engage, enable and engage our partners over here to achieve their deepest desires for an orphan free, AIDS free society. It is a life-long commitment - a relationship built on mutual respect and adoration.  We will now travel up the coast to visit several "Temples of Worship" guys homes and tomorrow we will begin the long ride home to Nairobi. Please continue to pray for our safety, our courage and that my presence will do more good that harm as we begin to work in the slum this week.
In closing, I am reminded of Romans 1;14-15:
"How then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent?"
 And, how can they go if they have no transportation,,,you have provided that transportation so they can go, they can preach, they will hear and they will be believe. As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!"

Serving in Kenya,


1st Update from Bridgett

Following is the first update of Bridgette who has travelled with me. I will share with you her journey as she serves with me here in Kenya. Connie

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We have arrived safely... still getting used to" Kenyan time". My days are nights and my nights are day-but it is all good. Unlike the last time I was here, the rain has come and water is more abundant. It is good for the crops, the land...but difficult if you are living out in the elements-in the slum. I go to bed and can't help but think about how hard it must be for those in the slum to try to sleep on a cold, wet mud floor with rain falling onto your face! We all need to sit with" real discomfort" to truly appreciate how blessed we are.
  Today, we are working on setting up the new donated computers (we hand carried them all down on the plane) in the cyber cafe. The Partners for Care guys here are so excited because with these additional computers, more people in the slum will be brought into the what if? changing center  where they may be hearing about Christ for the very first time. My prayer is that they will be touched in such a way that will draw them back again for one of the many programs these  guys are offering.. like music lessons, movie night,etc. All these things to help them feel a sense of belonging.
  I need to tell each of you again how grateful I am to be your feet on the ground here. More to come as tomorrow we travel to the 12 hour bus ride overnight to Mombasa. I will have an exciting surprise to tell you how your support money is being used!

Serving in Kenya,


Saturday, March 27

Same story - different characters

In December I wrote about one of Nick's Uncle dying from HiV/Aids. As the wife had already died their child is became an orphan. Another child for Nick to care for. Nick said at the time - "I don't know why all my relatives are dying from Aids." Today I called Nick to see when I should come to see him and the children. He told me he was at his village - burying another uncle who has died of Aids. This is the fourth uncle of Nick's since Dec. to die from Aids - leaving a total of 7 orphaned children. The uncle they were burying today left a 6 year child. Nick tested her on Wed. and she is infected. One more child for Nick and Charles to care for. Not only here, but all over the world the story repeats itself - same story, different characters.

Pray for this little 6 year old girl who today burys her father and then learns to live with the disease she did not ask for and did not want. A disease that stole her parents, a disease that threatens her life, a disease that must be stopped.

Thank you for caring,

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Thursday, March 25

Returning to Kenya

I am on the flight to Nairobi returning after what has seemed like a long absence. Bridgette Boylan is traveling with me and we will be joined later with Leslee and Elaine. Many things are planned for this trip! The cyber has grown beyond what we thought possible in such a short period of time and we have brought equipment that will help them and more computers from C. Ron. We will of course reconnect with the children and the people we love. We are blessed that we can travel and serve God in a country we have grown to love and with people that it is joy to equip, empower, engage and encourage as they help their nation.

Soon in Kenya,

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Wednesday, March 24

Raffle for Partners for Care

David Gruber's work has organized a raffle to raise funds for Partners for Care. Below is the information if you want to buy a ticket. The prizes are great and I have heard they hope to sell all the tickets so buy early if you want to participate:

Raffle tickets are being sold for a drawing to be held during the Potluck Lunch on April 16, 2010. The prizes include (others may be added) a 50 inch HD flat screen television, an iPod Touch, and an iPod. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each, or 5 for $20.00. For anyone remote who desires to purchase raffle tickets and pay for them online, they may go to and make the purchase. The online donation form allows credit and debit cards to be used for purchase. For anyone purchasing online, a follow up email must be sent to:

Tracy Abbott ( with the following information which will be entered on their raffle tickets on their behalf:

Phone number
Best time to call
Email address 

Winners need not be present to win. However, if shipping will be required for delivery of prize, the winner is responsible for associated shipping charges. 
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Sunday, March 7

Partner Profile - Bridgette

As the ministry of Partners for Care expands, God brings people to help us.  We plan to feature these people through our Partner Profiles. You will hear from them how they have a heart for those God calls them to serve. The first Partner Profile features Bridgette Boylan. I have known Bridgette only for a short time but it seems like she has always been a part of our ministry.  She is passionate and compassionate. She is energetic and enthusiastic. She has become a real partner to me personally and to the ministry... AND, she is raising funds to buy the team in Kenya a van. Those of you who have been in Kenya with us know we need a van to reach the people of Kenya with the messages of HIV/Aids prevention and salvation.  Some of you have even pushed the PFC van more than once to get it to start! Please see her profile below and help if you can. If you have a small group Bridgette would love to come and speak to them about how God interrupted her life when she went to Kenya.

Thanking God for Bridgette - our partner in reaching the lost and helping the hurting,


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Wednesday, March 3

Who will go to Marsabit? He asked, whom shall I send?

We received Mare's report from Marsabit. As Ryan and I sat yesterday in our weekly planning meeting we read her words together, out loud. We wanted to be sure we were understanding her words. Mare's report is more like a prayer than a report. First, as in prayer she remembers to praise and give thanks
to God because of the recent rains the cattle have grass to eat. Mare who is first born was sent to Nairobi to be educated as a social worker. Then she returned to Marsabit as she is now responsible to help her 10 siblings. Family dynamics make her role even more pressing. Now she writes in her report she has "adopted" five orphans - the hurting and the homeless Mare describes them. And, she prays for God to help her adopt 5 more orphans this year - children living positively. Translated the children are infected with HIV/AIDS. Mare's report goes on to say many don't want to come to Marsabit as the conditions are harsh and people tire riding on top of the lory. She concludes her report reminding Ryan and I least we have forgotten to find
partners to help with all the orphans in Marsabit. We haven't forgotten. One doesn't ever forget Mare or Marsabit once meeting her and being in the harsh conditions she lives and serves in. We are returning to Marsabit in August. (We will take a bus from Nairobi though - we will not ride top of the lorry). For Ryan and I that seems a long time from now as we both want to be there to help Mare. Anyone wishing to join us should pray for God's directions. And, if you want Ryan just finished a video showing Mare's work in Marsabit. We will send you one at your request. Watch it and see if you can forget what you see. Watch it and see if God is calling you to Marsabit.

Praying with and for Mare and the orphans she cares for,

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