Tuesday, February 16

Ryan's message to the PFC team in Kenya

As you know from my past updates we have opened the what if? Life Changing Center offering cyber services, Christian movies, music lessons and a Christian reading room. This center is in the village near our house and serves a slum where many young girls report "selling" their bodies for a loaf of bread. The PFC team hopes through this Christian center to help lift these young girls out of the poverty and despair they find themselves in. The team is also working through the churches in this area to impact on the disease causing much of this despair - HIV/Aids. The center is beautiful and it is so encouraging to see young people come in and work on writing a resume. The PFC team works out of the center everyday doing outreach in the village. Their goal is to make the center self-supporting. Below is the message Ryan sent them:

To the Partners for Care team in Kenya, I hope all of you guys are doing well!  I just got an email from Connie updating me on the "what if?" cyber progression, and I have to say I am very impressed! You guys brought in almost 80 American dollars this past week.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of all of you.  I know it must take a lot of work everyday to make that cyber successful--and all of you are certainly doing just that!  I look forward to seeing this great ministry grow and expand beyond all of our expectations.Sammy, you are doing a great job leading the team--you are growing into quite the leader.  Sam, I know it has got to be a hard job keeping all the "cyber" stuff working correctly, keeping track of the money, and going to school!  Well done.  George, David, Franco, and Justus:  Connie tells me everyday how well all of you are coming together as a team and working towards one goal.  I know you guys have what it takes to truly make a difference in your community, and your nation. Congratulations on a job well done.  But I believe the best is yet to come.  Keep working hard, keep following God, and I know there will be doors opened that cannot be imagined.  Connie and the rest of the Partners for Care family here continue to do our best in this mission; knowing one day we can all be victorious in the fight for a better future for you, your families, and your nation.  Speaking on the behalf of all of those who love you here in the U.S:  I can say that we want to encourage you and congratulate you in being steadfast to the mission at hand. I can't wait to get back to Kenya, and see all of you guys. With Love and Blessings, Ryan
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Sunday, February 14

Announcing PFC Director in Kenya

We are pleased to announce Samuel "Sammy" Wanjau has accepted the position as Partners for Care "on the ground" Director. Sammy has worked with Partners for Care for over two years. He is the leader of the Temples of Worship music group and plays the keyboard. He is a gifted musician and is passionate about worshipping the Lord through his songs. Sammy has a wide range of ministry experience with work history in several different church ministries across Kenya. He is respected by the Partners for Care team in Kenya-- all appreciate his leadership and guidance to them. He first began his work with Partners for Care during the post-election violence, in which he traveled throughout Kenya on the Peace Bus delivering food and other supplies to people living in the Internally Displaced Camps. He was instrumental in the successful launching of the "what if?" campaign as the team reached thousands from Eldoret to Mombasa with the message of HIV prevention. Recently, he has overseen the successful building and opening of the PFC what if? Life Changing cyber and music center. We are confident Sammy will lead the PFC team as they continue to help transform the next generation and save lives for the kingdom.

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Sunday, February 7

The power of equipping

Partners for Care believes in equipping young indigenous Christian leaders to help them do God's work in transforming their villages and their nation. Recently, through the inspiration of a team member of the Sisters Go to Kenya team - Virginia in memory of her beloved son Alain - the PFC team opened a cyber and a music center in the slum near the PFC house. C. Ron, a reporter in South Florida and President of the Del Ray Beach Rotary donated all the computers for the cyber. We carried all the computers to Kenya in our luggages! C. Ron works with at-risk minority youth. He understands how important it is to work with youth.

Yesterday I received the following report from the PFC Kenyan team. They are making a difference there in their village.

We held our first children ministry today in the music centre. The  agenda was about impacting the kids in this village. There were 60 children - 50 of them were from the children's home which is close to the centre in the village. We started with some fun dancing to make them feel a sense of belonging. Charles gave them a talk on how to belong to the community and how love has made everybody acceptable. He told the children how Jesus gave up all for loving us and by this he died on the cross for everybody to believe and have eternal life. This seemed to be quite amazing to children for they knew that there is love. They knew that we loved them unconditionally. Then we showed them a movie. This kept their mind awake as they gazed on how wonderful and hopeful they should be for there is a lot still awaiting for them.   As the on the ground team we found a need of naming every Saturday children super Saturday. This is when we will restore hope to these beloved ones who have lost their hope cause of a thief disease known as HIV/AIDs. No one deserves to live such kind of life that is full of sorrow and hopelessness. As Partners for Care members we desire that one day God will make this happen and the whole country will be able to learn from this small village. not to  forget the children. The children told us "this is where we belong and thank you guys for thinking about us". They continued to say "we had fun that has made our minds grow" yours faithfully George...      a point to remember,,,, we are called to save lives for the kingdom... thanks again.. 

Blessed to help equip George and the other PFC staff in Kenya,

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Announcing 2010 Partners for Care mission trips

The link below is our mission trip brochure for 2010. Ryan Morrison will be helping with all of the trips. Please contact him or me if interested in going to equip, encourage, engage and empower the Kenyan Partners for Care staff. See what God is doing through these young leaders who care about making a difference for the children God's loves. They are changing their nation. Join them as they serve in some of the most desperate places in Kenya.




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Wednesday, February 3

Pray for Justus

Late last night our time I spoke with Justus one of the Partners for Care staff in Kenya. It was early in the morning Kenya time and he was on his way to school. That might surprise some of you as Justus is 25 years old. But, it is true Justus has gone back to school - not college - high school. Because of extreme poverty growing up in the Mombasa coastal region Justus never had what we take for granted here in America - a chance to go to high school. Due to a lack of funds, he had to quit school at the end of primary school. So in full school uniform Justus has started his first year of high school. He told me this morning he LOVES being back in school. He loves his teachers and his favorite subject is chemistry! Justus supports his mother and his three siblings with the small salary we give him. If Justus works hard in school he will graduate before his sister does.

Now for the prayer part - Justus injured himself today playing football (soccer) at school. He is in pain and I tried to give guidance when he and Sammy called for help. Of course, I told them to use the ice packs we have in the house, elevate his leg, don't walk on it and give him Advil through the night for the pain. They will take him to the hospital in the morning for x-rays. I pray his leg isn't broken and that this will not interupt his schooling.

Praying for Justus,

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